Pressure Pipes

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Water conduits and distribution, conduits for irrigation systems, agricultural installations, conduits for transporting acidic or alkaline solutions, industry, construction, mining, running and insulation of cables, etc.

Principal benefits

Reliability and guarantee widely recognised in the marketplace.
Decades of experience in all types of project.


Pipes: Elastic seal

  • DN 63 mm to DN 630 mm.
  • Nominal pressures (PN, Atm) 6, 10 and 16.
  • The total length of the pipes is 6 m.

Pipes: Glued joint

  • DN 16 mm to DN 315 mm.
  • Nominal Pressures (PN, Atm) 6, 10, 16 and 20.
  • The total length of the pipes is 5 and 6 m.


  • Glued Joint Series PVC Pressure Accessories.
  • Mixed Series (Glue-Screw) PVC Pressure Accessories.
  • Service pressure and working conditions of the accessories:
    • PN 1,6 MPa (16 bar) at 20ºC up to DN90.
    • PN 1,0 MPa (10 bar) at 20ºC from DN110.

Mechanical, physical and electrical characteristics

Mechanical Units Value Standard
Operating stress σs MPa 10(dn≤90 mm)
12,5(dn≥110 mm)
Impact resistance %TIR ≤10 UNE EN 744
Internal pressure resistance ºC/h no break UNE EN 921
Physical Units Value Standard
Vicat softening temperature ºC ≥80 UNE EN 727
Longitudinal retraction % ≤5 UNE EN ISO 2505
Resistance to dichloromethane no attack UNE EN 580
Density kg/m3 1.350kg/m3 ≤ ρ ≤1.460kg/m3 ISO 1183-1
Thermal Units Value Standard
Thermal expansion coefficient m/ m ºC 8.10-5 UNE 53126
Thermal conductivity kcal.m/m2.h.ºC 0,13 UNE 92201
Electrical Units Value Standard
Dielectric rigidity kV/mm 35-30 UNE EN 60243-1
Transversal resistivity Ω/cm 1015
Dielectric constant 3,4
Water temperature CORRECTION FACTOR that must be applied to the nominal pressure
0°C to 25°C 1
25°C to 35°C 0,8
35°C to 45°C 0,63